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P.E. - A New Realm For You?

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P.E. - A New Realm For You?
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Monday, May 30, 2022 3:09 PM

Hi Ya'll:

          Here's one I may have posted a while back. I don't care. It's worth repeating! Here we go. You just pulled the trigger on that Gorgeous 1/350 "Iowa Class" model and all the P.E. and Wood decks from Art-Wox and you can't wait to get home and open it. Ah! The smell of fresh plastic is intoxicating isn't it? Well, here's the rub. You have to put on all the Rails ,Ladders, some Mast work and the Radars.

          Wait! Have you ever used this stuff before? I have and believe me, sometimes the instructions will have you scratching yer Noggin!  I have had, Trumpeter tell me to put P.E. in a place and then the part numbers don't match or it's in the wrong place! Then there's one I have never forgotten. IF they haven't changed it since the North Carolina. Do Not put most of the upper works together then turn it over and put the bottom on. That is dead wrong! The Bottom and it's detail go on first except the screws. Put them on near the last!

          The rest of the P.E. is , Bend, Curl and Fold. You can spend a few bucks and get a P.E. bending tool. I have two!. Wanna know sumpin? I still find myself using a pair of Box cutter blades and a good pair of tweezers with little teeth on the bottom! Plus for the long run of Rails and stuff a stainless ruler. Paint it with flat ClearCoat by Rust-Oleum. That way the glare from your worklight won't cause you to make mistakes. I also fold on a piece of Tempered Glass with Cream colored paper underneath! This makes everything easier to see.

             My next question is very important! Have you ever worked with P.E. Before? If Not Pay attention to this advise. Get you a "Metal Earth" by Fascinations metal kit and DO IT FIRST!! $15.00 is a lot cheaper than possibly messing up $ 45.00 or $70.00  worth of nicely etched brass parts! They are always smaller unless you get the ones labeled "Large"! The last one I got was the Tanker and Offshore Oil Rig. The tanker isn't even four inches long! My latest,The" Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues under the Sea" is just barely three inches long when complete. BUT, It will give you practice in making those Bends, Curves , and  Folds.

              Be patient and go slow. Use glue of your choice. I use dots of Aleen's Sticky Glue(A non Toxic form of an Elmers type, with a much thicker formula for crafting) Bronze Bottle(Small), then Taking a sewing needle with the eye open at the top. Ya grind it off to git that applicator, Just the top of the eye!! Then use your favorite brand of C.A. to lock it down. You can then paint the edges where you put rails as the C.A. has filled all the holes by capillary action. Go For IT!!


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