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Top Coat Horror...

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    November 2005
Top Coat Horror...
Posted by Anonymous on Friday, February 14, 2003 11:04 PM
Hi There,

I was hoping for some suggestions, I had just finished an Sdkfz 251/D which I was really pleased with. Wanting to protect the finish I sprayed some Gunze clear matt and this is were its come off the rails. :(

In some places its perfect however in some places its dried in this cloudy haze which makes the finish look horrible. Has anyone had this happen to them and if so how did you get to fix it? (I suspect I have sprayed too thick a coat)

At this stage I am considering sanding it down with 2400 grit sand paper but would really appreciate an easier method if possible...

Many thanks
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    December 2002
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Posted by djmodels1999 on Saturday, February 15, 2003 1:21 AM
This sort of things is why I do not like using varnishes and all that.... To avoid the need I usually paint my ID marks and other decorations/numbers. It takes a bit of practice, or stencils, but you can obtain a better look, using thinner paint to get worn, faded markings for instance...

If sanding the whole model does not tempt you, is there any way to relocate your model to a winter time, with white-wash all over that would cover the disaster area..?
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    November 2005
Posted by Anonymous on Saturday, February 15, 2003 2:24 AM
I though about it and I was considering adding some camo netting or leaves / plants to partially hide the front. (The area affected is mostly the front of the vehicle.)

I actually have been looking at some Eduard stencils (they cost $25AUD) and was wondering if they are a much better solution than decals. My biggest problem with decals is they look brand new when everything else is old! Which ones do you use?

I suppose I need to look for some photos of foliage laden vehicles...

BTW, being new to the forum I need to ask, are we allowed to post photos here?
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    December 2002
  • From: United Kingdom / Belgium
Posted by djmodels1999 on Saturday, February 15, 2003 5:02 AM
Lettraset kind of Stencils (rub-on) are a good alternative, but again they'll look brand new. You'll have to do your weathering and all after putting on the transfers (something you should do with decals too, however, the washes and drybrushing can make the carrier film appear, and therefore I would cut my decals as close as possible to the actual design).

A number of companies sell etched stencils sets that allow you to paint (preferably airbrush) numbers, stars, crosses,..). You might consider that a better alternative as it will be easier to get the worn look straight away.

I've posted pictures a couple of times here, but they need to be on the web somewhere first.


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