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A singular discussion of Flush Cutters

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A singular discussion of Flush Cutters
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Saturday, July 4, 2020 4:18 PM


    Here's my take on this subject. There are many types and grades of these very useful tools. Some I have found do cut flush, but, leave a little edge behind. Why is that? Well, the Manufacturer still hasn't perfected the slight angles that  are neccesary for this tool. Now some have and they've done very well. The problem is we could have a whole bench full of them, and of different sizes of them and still not have what we want.

   Why, is that? Well, so many are made for the light duties of Crafts such as soft wire jewelry making. Others for such as sprue cutting, others for model RailRoad rail cutting. And so on. Now, that said, No one has really come up with the "perfect" cutter! What do I mean by that? Well, we have small pointed ones, chisel bladed ones and so on. Many of the sprue cutters for instance. The way they are cut there's no way they could make a flush cut. They are not ground that way!

 The ones available at Hobby Lobby for instance. There about six brands offered. They all have a problem. If you look at their edges you will see a fine slightly overlapping or triangular surfaces joining at the edge. Typical cutter faces. These type of edges do wear out.

 I have found a larger and luckily, craft sized pair that I was able to gently grind( Watch the heat)  them down to almost finite points. They slip between most parts and cut beautifully. They were made for cutting "Came" which is a type of framing for Stained Glass Hobbyists and Proffessionals. Usually made out of lead, but sometimes Copper.

     Xuron is liked by many as well as the ones with the name"God's Hand".( Don't necessarily agree with the name) That everyone that gets them, Praises them (To Heaven, I might add) Well, you see what I have reservations about with them, is the outrageous price!

     Taking the "Bull by the Horns", so to speak, here's a simple solution. If you have a fine set of dressing( Or needle files) then you are in luck. Take the ones from Hobby Lobby from the jewelry dept, crafts and gently grind the face flat. Taper the points more and then gently remove the trash from grinding. You do not have to use very much pressure here either!

      What you now have is a pair of cutters suited perfectly for what you want. Running an emery board over the flat side once in a while will recondition the edge. Remember the rule, Light Pressure only! Doing it this way you can keep the best or the worst versions sharp and useful. Good Luck and Happy Cutting !


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