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A Known Fact! And Newbie Advice

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A Known Fact! And Newbie Advice
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Tuesday, June 7, 2022 9:20 AM

Hi Ya'll;

        Just a wee ramble about tools. Do you buy the Best? The Cheapest? or just make do with what you have? It's may seem funny that I should say this. After All, I probably have enough modeling tools to choke a Workshop to the Windowsills and maybe higher The only thing is this. I have acquired them over years of model building.

         New Modelers reading This! Beware of Tools Addiction!! You probably, if you are near( Within Twenty) years of my age, Started with a single edge Razor-blade, a pencil, Ruler and a lot of gumption.( Funny Word, that last), Anyway hear this newbies! First welcome to The Model World. Now all you need really is a few simple tools to get the job done!

        Do you NEED sprue Nippers, If your budget doesn't allow it, No! A Toenail or Fingernail Clipper modified on a grinder will work! Do you need an Architect's or Engineer's scale to measure with. No! A Simple 12 inch ruler marked with Standard and Metric will work just fine( Make sure it's Stainless!).To Fold P.E.,Do you need a special tool? Noope ! Buy a small package of Boxcutter ( Utility Knife) Blades ( a Five Pack) will last at least two years max! You will also need a good pencil. 2H will do, One Inexpensive Desk or Wall mount rotary handle Sharpener for the pencil. Don't us a handheld unless it's at least battery powered. One big eraser, and lastly, your Glue, Simple clamps, a Plastic Taper dispenser and a package of refill rolls of "Scotch Magic Mending tape", Should suffice. Oh, on the glue, There so many brands out there now it's almost as bad as buying the Paint for your model!

            Because of the difficulty of obtaining my go to( Testors Liquid Glue for Plastics, Or even Tamiya Thick or Thin Glue for Plastic ) I now buy the brand put out by the company that makes Mr.Color Products, Don't quote me here! They, Like Tamiya have two formulas you can buy, Thick or Thin. Five assorted Paint Brushes. Not too cheap, but not the top of the line yet. You first need a tutorial on the care and proper use of them. You DON'T have to pay any attention to any of this. Of course if you don't mind being a Toolaholic then spend away! I am trying to show you that what you use, Does Not! have to be an ongoing Buy,Buy, Syndrome. The Simple group I mentioned seems like a lot. Doesn't it? Did you know you can put all of it in one Plastic or Paper bag from Hobby Lobby?

 When you have the loose tools just described there's four that are the last, Or First depnding on how you look at it, I guess! These items are the Big Uns! A good sturdy Work Table at least a Three by Six Foot folding table will work. I have been using a portable Camping Table for thirty years now. This was bought fo use when I was traveling. It is available I guess at outlets like Camping World or the big hardware outlets like Home Depot or Lowes. The one I bought has a place to put a camp stove on a wire frame away from the plastic surfce. I put my Tool box there. My toolbox of choice? One of the bigger multi-compartment fishing Tackle Boxes. Plano is a good brand there. Then a very good light. I cannot express enough, Use a good one Not some cheapy from the Dollar Store, or old mechanics light. Get an OTT light. Either a small Folding Bar type, or a Floor model Four tube.

         They have one now that is a clip on with a standing base for table-top use.Why Ott? Color Purity when you are ready to paint. and lastly A very Good adjustable ARMLESS type office Chair with the Five Wheel Fat or Round Roller base. with all that you have a good shop setup! You know what worked for me for years? The Kitchen Table, covered with Chem-Proof plastic for a protective cover and the already installed Ceiling light in which the Builder of the house, put one of those with four flourescent tubes in! You don't need to have a lot to start! The old adage is true The Simpler you start the happier you will be!




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