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Tools or-Do we use them correctly?

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Tools or-Do we use them correctly?
Posted by Tanker-Builder on Sunday, December 3, 2023 12:31 PM

Hi Ya'll;

       I just want to remind you about using your hobby tools properly. When you get them that's a good day. When you use them for something they weren't designed for, that's a bad day. Hobby tools are NOT designed to open bottles or tighten nuts and bolts unless they are specifically made for that(Model railroad tools come to mind).

 The average hand tool is for just that,hand work. Pliers-for holding that piece of brass you're soldering or the wire you are going to bend(if the wire isn't too stiff) Never force a hobby tool to do a job you know darned well it wasn't designed to do.

    Simple square neckand jaw pliers.Yeah, Bend P.E. and Wire with them Or small brass sheet no longer than the jaws. Don't bend stiffer wire with the tips of needle nose pliers.  Why? Well, do you like using pliers that don't line up correctly?

     X-Acto blades-useful tool to the N'th degree. Do NOT pry a piece of plastic off a glue bomb with them. The blade could snap and hit you in the optical orb, if you are NOT wearing safety glasses, Especially a number 11 blade! There more but you get the picture.

       Make sure the blade is secure in the Jaws of the knife handle-fully seated and then use your brain as you use the blade. I can get at least ten to twenty hours out of a blade(#11) before the very tiny tip breaks off).

     You can use the square blades to apply putty. Just ckean them off afterward . Those and the Blade I call a notched blade are great for getting putty in hard to reach places for sure. The other most important thing is Holes How big? Well when you get to the regular sizes then use them. For the hobby sizes don't force them and always discard broken ones!

      I bought the large set from Micro-Mark that comes in a nice wooden box. All sizes needed for hobby work and in nice little tubes according to size.They are used in my Pin Vise with the ball end flattened on one side to prevent roll- offs. I still have over 95 percent of the original bits in their tubes because I don't force them and yake my time.

     Many times I have seen folks use the #11 and put the point on the material surface and just start twisting away.WRONG.That blade is not a drill and besides tyhe hole will have the same slant as the edge of the blade shape.Not a nice straight tight hole like the drill bit! Remember, if the hole isn't big enough use the next size up and clean the hole ou t.Don't use that blade, Okay? 

      Lastly Paint brushes. What is the oldest one you have? is it still in it's original shape and near the original size/ I say the second because even the most expensive and well cared for brush is going to loose a few haire(Bristles) along the way. I clean them by soaking them in Mineral Spirits if I use enamel and a mixture of two parts dawn and one part water if Acrylics. I never let the brushes stand on their bristles.

         Get yourself a saucer and put your thinner , clleaner in it and lay your brushes in it.Making sure the bristles are fully submerged. Start cleaning by pressing down and sliding your fingers toward the tips. Now take them and swish them in a deeper container.Til no paint comes off.Going back to the saucer,whaich you have changed the thinner/cleaner in do the (Press and slide again) this time bending the bristles 90degrees from the ferule-gently. No paint should run out on your gloved hand.Now, wash them in clear warm water ,shape and store bristles up till they are dry or ready for their next use.

          Well, there you have it. A long winded reminder to do what my Dad taught me "Take care of your tools, and they will take care of you";  Bye!


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