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Sewing Projects Kids Would Love to Work On

Sewing is just not a great skill and hobby for the people who want to earn and wants to make it a profession but it can help kids in enhancing their creativity and skills. Sewing is one of the best skills you can make your kids adapt to. They can start their journey with the help of small sewing machines and small tools.

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You can help your kids in letting them know about the different kinds of tools and how to use them so they can’t injure themselves. Help kids in building some of the simplest and best projects which they can use in their daily lives and could be proud of. You can help kids in preparing a gift for someone by sewing. It’s a smart idea to make your kid learn to stitch when they are free.

Let’s go through some of the simplest projects your kids can do in no time.

Sewing projects for kids

1. Fabric Bows

As an adult, you must have stitched so many things till now and this is not a big deal for you to sew bows. Help them in picking up the bright colors with amazing patterns to prepare a bow. Now teach them about how to make a shape and how to wrap a strap in the middle. After you are done with the lesson, let them sew this on their own and make it more exciting.

You can make kids attach this bow to the headband or any dress to boost the confidence. Let them know how beautiful they sew and compliment them. You can also gift their bows to their friends or you can prepare different sizes of bows with the kids to attach them to different places.

2. Head Bands

Headbands are one of the easiest and fundamental project kids should attempt first. Sit with your kids and let them know about the few basic things before they start work at the sewing station. Let them know why they should start their first project from the best basic sewing machine for beginners. You can tell them interesting facts about the sewing machines, for help click here for more reviews on best entry level sewing machines.

For the headbands, you just have to help them in sewing elastic and in cutting. Help them in small stitches and tell them technical things about folding. Once the headband is ready you can ask them to prepare more headbands by themselves in your monitoring. Help them in sewing different kinds of headbands trending these days and those must be simple according to their age group.

3. Super Hero Mask

So here is the thing what kids love the most, superhero. No matter what superhero they like but every hero wears a mask and that’s what kids admire. Now you can help them in designing their own superhero mask to level up their creativity game. This project is just not a fun activity but it will increase their interest in the sewing every day.

Sew superhero mask using a sewing machine for home use

With the help of markers or chalk help them in drawing the shape of the mask over the fabric and start cutting it. Once the shape is in hand, let them sew it with the best sewing machine for home use. Cut the eye part by measuring your kid’s eye area and attach a band to it to make it flexible and comfortable for the babies. Your kids are going to love it and will flaunt their project everywhere.

4. Blanket:

The blanket is a quite easy project to assign to kids and blanket is something they sleep with, this project is going to help them in boosting the confidence and they can always trust themselves. For the blanket, you just have to buy the right kind of mink fabric from the market, if your kid is not allergic to the woven or soft fabrics. Help them in knowing about what kind of needlework on such stuff.

Always assist them and if they are below 14 then don’t let them use sharp objects. Change the needles by yourself, just let them know about the things related to the sewing. Now let them sew a straight line with the help of markers or chalks and give them information about the sewing stationary as well. Draw a straight line and help them in sewing a blanket.

Once your kids are done with the sewing, finish the ends and blanket is ready. Take a picture and make a small portfolio of every assignment your baby is attempting.

5. Scarf:

So winter will be back in no time and kids may need scarves to cover them up or to make their own fashion statement. How smart it would be if you will teach your kid how to sew scarves so next time whenever there will be a need for scarves, your kids can make it and customize it as they want. It would be great if you will buy a material according to their choice.

Start sewing a small wrap scarf as they want. Use a thick needle due to the thick fabric you are going to use in the preparation. Let the kids sew it and help them in folding the sides for the clean stitching. Always tell your kids about why is it important to sew a clean garment. They can sew a number of scarves after one and can use it with each outfit in the winter.

Sewing scarf is an easy sewing project for kids and beginners


If you are keen to make your kid learn sewing and stitching then make it interesting for them by introducing a number of creative assignments for them. Buy best affordable sewing machine for beginners for them to begin the journey. For more information about the best cheap sewing machine for beginners, you can visit CraftsSelection to learn more.

Teach them how they can prepare small gifts for someone’s birthday just with the help of skills and concentration. I bet, your kids are going to love each and every bit of sewing and someday they will be a champ.

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