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Can You Say - I was just sitting here when the idea hit me ?

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    June 2014
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Can You Say - I was just sitting here when the idea hit me ?
Posted by Tanker - Builder on Friday, March 22, 2019 8:36 AM

Idea , What Idea ?

   Why that one silly.You know the one about which model I will build next.I will ? Funny,I don't remember which model that was.Do you ever find yourself thinking that ?

   Confusing isn't it? Well, I have to confess,I have been there done that. It's aggravating to me ,because I am getting up there in years .( Just another way of saying , I am an old codger ).By the way,does anyone know where the word Codger came from?Search me?

 So anyway I was sitting here relishing a small Victory .I got the model buildings done for the Museum and got home ,sat down at the bench and drew a blank .What am I going to build next ? Who knows,least of all me .

   So out comes the Charles DeGaulle .Yep, the A/C Carrier, French no less! I know nothing about the French Navy and or the French Air Wings .Guess I'll paint all those 1/350 widdy bitty planes .

     Looking at the Island , I decided I could do it better.Strip paint and start over.Came back to the bench after dinner and the thought hit me ," What in the heck did I do that for ? "I hate it when I think I could've done better and then mess up, what to other folks is perfectly fine work ."

  "Oh Well,I guess that's why we do this,Isn't it?" Geez , I hope so . Now I actually know why I have so many unfinished projects . Now that I figured it out I'll get back to work now , Thanks for Listening , OOPS - reading.       T.B.

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Posted by Tojo72 on Friday, March 22, 2019 9:12 AM

The origin of codger seems to lie in the complex links between cadger and codger (not as a contraction of 'coffin-dodger', as one of my more inventive correspondents has suggested). In some parts of England the two words were used interchangeably, whereas in other regions they were separate words, one meaning 'beggar' and the other 'eccentric/grotesque fellow'. The latter meaning is the one used in an early example of 'old codger', David Garrick's farce Bon Ton, 1775:

"My Lord's servants call you an old out-of-fashion'd Codger."

Men who had fallen on hard times and had resorted to any means possible to keep body and soul together were often those who were too old to find work. A cadger was likely to be a grizzled character wanting to borrow or steal from you; a codger was a peculiar and unfashionable chap, and both were likely to be old. 'Old codger' is most likely to be the linguistic merging of all those images.

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Posted by modelcrazy on Friday, March 22, 2019 10:14 AM

No TB, I've never had that problem, in fact just the opposite. I have a hard time curbing my enthusiasm and and build several at once. That's one of the reasions I put down what I'm building and in the cue in my signature line so I can keep myself organized. Propeller

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    November 2009
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Posted by Gamera on Friday, March 22, 2019 11:45 AM

Thanks Tojo! 

Frankly I've never considered TB either a begger or grotesque. Maybe eccentric or grizzled would fit him though. 


Funny I always picture you TB as looking a lot like Quint from 'Jaws'.


'Oh you smashed my beautiful boat you big stupid fish!!! Now I'm going to kick you in the nose!!!!!'


"I dream in fire but work in clay." -Arthur Machen


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    June 2014
  • From: New Braunfels , Texas
Posted by Tanker - Builder on Saturday, March 23, 2019 10:18 AM

Hey !Gamera!

     Where'd you get that picture of me ?Funny that. My youngest daughter always compared me to Quint . I guess because one time a fellow in the marina where we lived ( My girls and boy were raised partially aboard a comfortable Vessel .) He bowed into my port side aft .Broke some planks .I spent some time as a guest of our county and paid a fine 

   His insurance had to haul and fix the" Magical Leaf" They didn't like that .She was fifty at the time and had been some big Wig's yacht that I bought and turned into a Live-Aboard Home. Geez , I only hit him with an oar !I was younger too! Didn't think of the consequences ! I will settle for eccentric !LOL.LOL.


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