Moebius Voyager

Mike Walston
Bradenton, Florida

“The Voyager from the animated TV show ‘Fantastic Voyage,’ reissued by Moebius, is sleek but a little bland,” Mike says. “To liven things up, I took the scorpion from the AMT/Ertl ‘Gigantics: Rampaging Scorpion’ kit, put it on a 6" x 8" base, then cut and bent a coat hanger so it went from the base through the body and tail of the scorpion and into a slot I cut on the underside of the Voyager’s starboard wing. I painted one of the figures from that same Gigantics kit in the uniform colors of Voyager’s crew and placed it in harm’s way. Rocks from our garden completed the scene.”

Posted 7/11/2011 1:53:01 PM by Megan McChain
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  • re:Moebius Voyager

    Brilliant combination of two very different kits.
  • re:Moebius Voyager

    A really nice display for this subject. Size doesn't matter after all! ;)
  • re:Moebius Voyager

    A fun dio!!