Minicraft 1/144 scale Boeing 777 - June 2014

Robert Pollak, Longview, Texas

Robert built Minicraft’s 1/144 scale Boeing 777 by request for an El Al pilot. “I’d never built an airliner, so I accepted the challenge,” he says. “It turned out well with super glue for filler and a lot of sanding — and I do mean a lot of sanding!” He painted the fuselage Krylon gloss white with details in Testors Model Master enamels. After a coat of Pledge FloorCare Multi-Surface (PFM, formerly known as Future), he applied decals acquired from El Al in Tel Aviv. “I bought two sets,” he says, “and it took both. They’re great, but they are so thin that if you don’t coat them with clear they fall apart. The long decals were two pieces, but they broke up so they’re about five pieces per side. I let them dry, then coated them again (with PFM). From what I was told, the pilot loved it. It flew to its new home in Israel in the cockpit of a 777.”

Posted 4/21/2014 9:47:03 AM by Tim Kidwell
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  • Minicraft 1/144 scale Boeing 777 - June 2014

    Great job, but too bad I don't think I will ever get those decals. Not enough El AL decals around.

  • Minicraft 1/144 scale Boeing 777 - June 2014

    Wow! nice. I love it . Would never attempt it. Wish I could.