B 52 Stratofortress 1/48 does anyone make one?

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B 52 Stratofortress 1/48 does anyone make one?

  • Hi all

    Does anyone know of a company producing a 1/48 scale B 52 plastic model kit? Ideally available in the UK.
    I already have the Revell 1/48 B17G Flying Fortress (Kit no 04569), Monogram 1/48 B29 Superfortress (Kit no 05711) and will be starting on the Revell 1/48 B24D Liberator (Kit no 04529) soon. Ideally I want them all in the same scale to illustrate the differences in scale and technology.

    West Midlands UK.

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  • Im pretty sure the largest B-52 your gonna find is going to be 1/72 1/48 would be rediculously huge.
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  • True it would be huge.
    But the real thing is huge (never has an aircraft impressed me for its sheer size as much as the B 52 I saw at Duxford) and I do have a spare room to display my kits.
  • Nige,
    I can only suggest you try Hannants ww.hannants.co.uk - I suspect if anything is available it will be in vacuform - Sanger do some vac kits in this scale.. I have the B52 1:72 kit and when asking about the additonal items was told that because of its' size it was not very popular and so the market was too small to make it worth while producing after kit items!! If this is true (and it seems reasonable) then I suspect a 1:48 kit is a very rare bird!! However best of luck - I can relate to your ideals - however I content myself with 1:72 models - after all even the B17 comes out a nice size! I have to admit to having the 1:48 Lanc, B17 and am awaiting the 1:48 Wellington from Trumpeter; and the rumoured 1:48 Halifax. I also am strongly tempted by the Liberator and Catlina. My build rate however is slow and I am inclined to hold off just in case one of the other manufacturers produce these to a better quality. It is also rumoured that a 1:48 Sunderland could be from the same stable as the Halifax . Hannants are taking advance orders for the Wellington (it might be wise as it will probably prove popular).
  • Your choices on B-52 Kits are limited to Monograms B-52D in 1/72 (a decent kit, highly recomended) and the two from AMT, The B-52G and the B-52H (with a lot of work they turn out fairly decent) also in 1/72. You may want to check some of the vacu-form companies to see if they offer a BUFF in 1/48.
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  • That would be a kit that is 39.75" long with a wing span of 46.25" [:0]
    That is HUGE!


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  • You can also buy the monogram kit in a revell box in the UK. A shop called Wonderland Models had them on special offer a while back. You can find them at www.wonderlandmodels.co.uk.

    Hope this helps,

    Regards, Darren. C.A.G. FAA/USNFAW GB
  • Should you decide to go for the 1:72 version Airwaves do some after kit items - e.g to convert teh D to a G or H for example but you ought to contact them soon as I believe they are closing down. www.airwaves.org.uk/
  • AM Tech has a 1/72 B-52H(Late) Multi-Media Version coming out sooner or later based on the old AMT/ERTL kit. Havent seen anything in 1/48th for the BUFF. Oh and by the way Sign - Welcome [#welcome] to the FSM forums.
  • no all i can find is a 1/72 scale , funny they make a B-1B LANCER in 1/48 but no B52
  • In order of sheer size I think the 1/48 kits go like this (starting with largest):

    B-1B (Revell)
    C-130 (Italeri, but Testors used to make one)
    B-29 (Revell/Monogram)
    B-17G (Revell/Monogram)
    B-24 (Revell/Monogram)
    B-25 (Revell/Mongram)

    I haven't found anything bigger than the B-1B, and that beast is enormous (I've looked). My brother built one once...good grief! I built the Testors version of the 1/48 A/C-130 Hercules about 12 years ago, and that thing was crazy-huge. It also weighed about 8lbs (about 3.6kg).
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  • Do one of these a nice 1/48 B-1B Lancer
  • A C-130's bigger than a B-29?
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  • QUOTE: Originally posted by seanrgb

    Do one of these a nice 1/48 B-1B Lancer

    *stupidmode* sorry dude, buth that B1 looks like a fake to me, good photoshopping ! Big Smile [:D] */stupidmode*

    nice B1, and indeed : HUGE !
  • its massive mate about 1 meter long i'll stick it on my dining table its huge , saw one of these flying at fairford last year there just awesome had to have one