Tamiya 1/35 M151A2 Ford Mutt

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Tamiya 1/35 M151A2 Ford Mutt

  • This is a Tamiya 1/35 M151A2 Ford Mutt -- just completed and ready to give to my father-in-law!  He served in the 82nd back in the late 70's and early 80's as a driver for a Battalion HQ. 

    This was my first successful US military vehicle camo scheme (other than WWII straight OD) and 1/35 scale woodland camo scheme (helmet cover).  I used my Badger airbrush for a majority of the vehicle paint, but had to handpaint a few spots as well to get the finish I wanted.  The pine sapling is made from a twig and some plumosa fern.  I also scratchbuilt a 1/35 scale (approximately) US military lensatic compass, radio handset and cord and printed off a Ft. Bragg topographical map; the antenna is stretched sprue.  Other than that it's pretty much straight out of the box!  Thanks for looking and enjoy! 

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  • Yes Very nicely done! I really like the touch with the map and lensatic compass. Nice and clean like the BCs ride should be. I would suggest adding the tie down line to keep the antenna forward like you have it. The pioneer tools would usually be painted, but that is a unit thing. Just a sidenote but no one in teh Army called those things MUTTs... they were a Jeep or a 1/4 ton to all GIs

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  • Nice 1/4 ton. As Stick said, the tie should go from the antenna end to the bumper or we would like to use the tow shackle. 

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  • Great job on the 1/4 ton.  The little items really make it come to life.  The antenna tie-down will finish it off nicely.  I'm sure your father-in-law will love it.

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  • Looks like you could jump in and take it for a ride.  As previously stated, the details really make it stand out.

  • Sharp looking build, you nailed it!  I especially like the base and method of presentation, very sharp.  It's gonna be a pleaser for sure!



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  • While I personally never saw one with paint that sharply defined, not even in the Battery motor-park on the one I drove many, many "CONVOY AHEAD" miles, you did a fantastic job on the camouflage scheme...   The MERDC-Camo on mine was only apparent on the hood, lol..  And your FIL musta got out before we had to add that cockamamee roll-cage and NASCAR-netting system... Gawd, I hated that thing..   But your model brings back fond memories of a vehicle I knew and loved... (But they're right about "MUTT"... Note my thread title above, it's a "Jeep" or, more often, "Quarter-ton" to GIs)

    Again, Outstanding work on the paint (if rather "showroom") and that compass is a beaut!