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Revell Aqua sources and alternatives

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    February 2021
Revell Aqua sources and alternatives
Posted by GregK on Tuesday, February 9, 2021 8:54 AM

Hello Everyone,

Newbie here.  Built models as a kid, now retired with the time, patience, and resources to try my hand at actually building something nice.

My first project will be the 1:400 QM2.    I've bought the 1:1200 as well for practice before getting started on the bigger one when I feel ready.

My question revolves around the 20 colors of Revell Paints and what seems like the fact that they are not sold in the US?    Checking in the UK so far I've received quotes of $9 shipping per pot.   Yikes!

So I've searched thru conversion charts, looked at manufacturer paint color charts, and tried to find vendors who carry matches.   Is finding paint always this difficult?

My plan is to start out brushing, acrylic only, with airbrush perhaps down the road.   Not for $$'s reason, but just additonal learning curve.   Make sense?

My questions:

I assume the best I can do in some cases will be a close match?

A couple of the spec'd colors in the plans are a mix of two.   Should I make sure that if I mix, that the colors are from the same manufacturer? 

It seems that I can get about 1/2 of the colors from Vallejo.  Good Paints to brush?   The rest it looks like I'll need to source from 1 or two more companies.   As long as the colors are ok that's not a problem correct?

I'm trying to find a couple of good vendors to search.   The only one that I've found thus far is Sprue Bros.    There must be more.   Searching the forums I see lots of abbreviations but I don't know who they are.  Any online vendor suggestions (in the US) with decent inventory? 

Lastly - are there any Revell Aqua vendors in the US?

If not - does anyone know of a Revell Aqua vendor who ships to the US with reasonable delivery times (a couple of weeks or so)?   That wont cost an arm and a leg for shipping.

Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

Greg K

Arizona USA

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Posted by VintageRPM on Thursday, February 11, 2021 9:00 AM

To my knowledge, Revell paints are not available in the US. Maybe in Canada. Shipping is always expensive for 1 bottle of paint. While cheaper in quantity, there could be a surcharge for shipping paint from overseas.

Vellejo is good paint to use. I also like Tamiya (though some colors brush better than others). Testor's Model Master is also good, if you can find anyone who still has any left (many places do). In fact, all the aqueous acrylics are pretty good.

When mixinng 2 colors together, make sure they are the same brand. The chemistry of the different brands are different. You could just end up with multi-colored goo.

Don't be shy about rattle cans for painting large areas. Tamiya's spray lacquers are great. Vellejo also makes their acrylic paint in spray cans. Of course, proper ventalation becomes a factor, especially with lacquers. Also, wearing a paint mask is best (and a must with the lacquers).

As for exact match colors, sometimes "close enough" is good enough. That's up to you. You have to please yourself, not everyone else.


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Posted by modelcrazy on Thursday, February 11, 2021 9:11 AM

No Revell isn't sold in the US however there is an eBay seller that you can get 5 mix and match for $22.43 free shipping.

Vallejo brushes very well (not model air, they are for airbrush)


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Posted by jeffpez on Thursday, February 11, 2021 10:05 AM

The 1/400 QM2 is a nice kit and you'll enjoy it. The Revell colors aren't necessarily matched to the actual ship and you can use whatever paint you can find. The primary color is white and you'll need a lot of it. Buy what you can find locally or from your favorite vendor and forget looking for the Revell colors. Check some references  and mix your colors to match.


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