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    August 2008
Posted by tankerbuilder on Monday, January 21, 2013 8:57 AM



     I have read the whole thing ! Now for my first comment .I notice that the bulk of FSM quiters are ARMOR and PLANE builders. My question is WHY ? I don,t believe it's the forums . I have gone to other sites and one of my FAVES is Scaleshipmodeleforum . Why ? All they talk about is ships .Every iteration from paper to wood and anything else that can be turned into one .It's just not FSM though .Cool

      I for one have an imaginary dilemna. I anchored here some years back and the divers tell me my anchor has turned into a coral reef so unless I want to waste chain and get a new anchor , I have to stay at this port .Guess I will anyway CoolCool.I enjoyed many who left , even those here where I live that chose to be typically human and not acknowledge my presence in the same store they were in .Angry

   I figure that if this is how they were in person , then SO WHAT ! I happen to like sharing my building skills with BOTH newbies and the old salts. Remember guys , as we get older someone will smartoff with , " Remember ,old man ,  the pointy end is the front " I am used to that .FSM treads a very fine line that way and by rights they have too .Hmm

   HAVE TO, you say ? YES ! This is a modeling site .The "READY ROOM "and the old "ODDS and ENDS" gave us and give us , plenty of venting room .We don't have to be rude (as I have experienced over grammar ) But should remain civil . As I said on another post , if it ain't "NOSE ART" for an aircraft then withhold it .There will be someone you offend .OopsOops

  This, my friends is human nature .I still don;t know the whys of the bannings and I think I may have come close to the line a few times too. I will not ask either .Embarrassed WHY ? That is between the banned and FSM . I like the fact that the guys upstairs are ensuring a site my nine year old great-grandson would be comfortable on .

   Now , that all said , can anyone tell me where I can get a runabout to come into the town .it's lonely at this anchorage .there doesn't seem to be as many ships in this port . OH , yes , I do have to add .If someone posts and asks for a critique , as a judge many times ,I try CIVILY to let them know what judges at shows WILL look for EVERY time.Hmm

   This is a given in all categories of model building and then being in a contest . You want help ? Ask and ye shall be given . You want a pat on the back ? Well , you'll get that here IF the observers think you deserve it .Now that leads to another point

    When we critique another's model , why do we have to rip it apart mercilessly ?Tongue Tied That's not the way to keep folks building models. Yes , life does interrfere  and affect our skills , that's a fact ! Everything said , I will remain loyal to this site and it's members . I don't care what you build. I enjoy your creativity and ability to forge ahead in miniature, in a subject you may be new to.Big SmileBig Smile

      Shoot , I " Dabble " in ARMOR and PLANES too. I don't show them or compete with them either .Why ? well to tell you the truth , They aren's up to some of ya'lls standards . Ships are my thing .Again why ? Well I build for me and outside world clients . I know my subject from way back when I caught tuna off my uncle' s boat to earn summer money ,till some twelve years ago . I have built and operated many types of small vessels (under a hundred  and twenty five foot ) and captained some that seem like moving walls that take twenty five miles to stop .Bang Head

   I built models the whole time. I still do . Now , does anyone remember what I was talking about ? where's my glasses ? Well , catchya all on the next postings --- Carry on - Tanker-builderBig SmileBig Smile

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    November 2004
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Posted by Bronto on Monday, January 21, 2013 2:03 PM


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    August 2008
Posted by tankerbuilder on Monday, January 21, 2013 3:03 PM

Bronto :

I am sorry if you didn't even get the gist of what I wrote .I had read the thread " Candidly Speaking" or whatever .They mentioned Almost all the points I made . You for one are a modeler ,right ? Well , that's what this site is all about . catchya later  Tanker-builder

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    January 2007
Posted by the doog on Monday, January 21, 2013 7:28 PM

Reports of the demise of, and/or mass exodus from the FSM forums has been purposefully and greatly exaggerated by some. (not necessarily "Bodge"). Don't sweat it, tankerbuilder.  

The rumor's just a bad seed that was thrown into what some hoped was fertile soil but it hasn't caught root.Propeller

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    July 2010
  • From: Tornado Alley
Posted by Echo139er on Monday, January 21, 2013 9:36 PM

Oh goodness... really?  Still?  Ya'll need to let go.

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    September 2005
  • From: Illinois: Hive of Scum and Villany
Posted by Sprue-ce Goose on Monday, January 21, 2013 9:54 PM

I'm still here...............Big Smile

........though I will admit a very few ceased posting on the FSM forum for three months or more..........Hmm

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    July 2010
  • From: Tornado Alley
Posted by Echo139er on Monday, January 21, 2013 9:59 PM

As am I but gees... time to move on don't you think?  

At least the quality of posts are up...  It's ll up hill from here if everyone can just move on!

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    August 2005
  • From: Sydney, Australia
Posted by Phil_H on Tuesday, January 22, 2013 12:24 AM

I am sorry if you didn't even get the gist of what I wrote .I had read the thread " Candidly Speaking" or whatever .They mentioned Almost all the points I made . You for one are a modeler ,right ? Well , that's what this site is all about . catchya later  Tanker-builder

Please, not again - if it's already there in the other thread, it doesn't need to be rehashed in  a new one.

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    July 2011
  • From: Pittsfield, IL USA
Posted by novembergray on Tuesday, January 22, 2013 12:43 AM



It's not about how fast you get there or even where you're going. It's whether you enjoy the ride.

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    January 2003
  • From: Hancock, Me USA
Posted by p38jl on Tuesday, January 22, 2013 7:58 AM

I'm still here.. just been really busy... also.. lurking..


coming soon... tho.. my first Helo build since 1979...Whistling


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    September 2011
Posted by Tim Kidwell on Tuesday, January 22, 2013 8:48 AM

Okay. Enough. Let's all move on.


Timothy Kidwell
Scale Model Brands
Kalmbach Media



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