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Airplane building stand or berth

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Airplane building stand or berth
Posted by Jon E on Sunday, March 10, 2024 8:08 PM

Hi- new to modeling and I'm looking for suggestions on the best sand or berth to hold aircraft throughout the build. I mainly build WWII and modern aircraft. 
I have looked at LMG but reviews are horrible. 
Any help is appreciated


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    March 2022
Posted by Jsizemo on Monday, March 11, 2024 8:07 AM

I know there are a number of laser cut wood ones on the market, but I have not always heard good things about them. I myself have built ones out of card board boxes. I have also seen people build them out of legos. 

I have ordered a glue holder from this guy. I have seen others use his 3D printed jig, but only issue is he is in the UK so shipping can take a while.

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Posted by Eaglecash867 on Monday, March 11, 2024 8:58 AM

I just have a block of Pelican Pick-and-Pluck foam that I use for that purpose.  No need for extra padding on a wooden jig to keep from scratching your model.  It also works well for stuffing inside places where you don't want paint to get in.  I have a large zip-loc freezer bag that I keep all of the various sizes of foam block in after using them, so they can be re-used.

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Posted by Pj's thunderbolt on Monday, March 11, 2024 9:59 AM

for cheap just Cut and glue some cardboard or carve one from a block of styrofoam. 

There are plastic and wood berths but I have no links for you. The wood one I have is from Czec republic 

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Posted by gregbale on Tuesday, March 12, 2024 12:38 PM

I've always made a simple 'tripod' type stand from a bent wire coat hanger and paperclips as tiny 90° 'hooks.' Easily adaptable to pretty much any size or configuration of model, allows 360° access for both building and painting, without having to touch or hold the model itself. (But simple to remove if needed.)

For a/c models they go on the stand once basic wing-to-fuselage assembly & cleanup is done -- and usually don't have to be removed until the model is finished, unless something like tricky landing gear alignment is required on a flat surface.

Cheap, versatile, and prevents pretty much any accidental wear and tear to the model! YesYesYes


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Posted by disastermaster on Tuesday, March 12, 2024 2:47 PM
On the counter top.....  
most often, I use my technologically advanced left   
and styrofoam, coat hangers, newspapers. 


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