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Announcements from FineScale Modeler

157 posts in 78 discussion topics.
Posted 6 months ago
by Aaron Skinner
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Welcome - Introduce Yourself

New to the community? Introduce yourself here, and tell us what you like to model.
42699 posts in 4811 discussion topics.
Posted 2 days ago
by WannabeFarmboy

General Modeling Discussion

Questions about painting or airbrushes? Please post in the Painting and airbrushing forum. For specific modeling subjects, review the list of Modeling Subjects forums.
89182 posts in 7162 discussion topics.
Posted an hour ago
by plasticjunkie

FSM Ready Room

Welcome to the FSM Ready Room! You're invited to discuss those things not strictly related to scale modeling. Hang out, get to know each other, and have a good time. Treat each other with respect, avoid politics and religion, and keep it PG-13.
29304 posts in 939 discussion topics.
Posted 19 hours ago
by feldgrau23

IPMS Nationals

The 2017 IPMS/USA National Convention will be held in Omaha, Neb, July 26-29.
989 posts in 158 discussion topics.
Posted 9 days ago
by feldgrau23

Charity and Goodwill

This forum is intended for those organizations seeking the assistance of modelers for charitable purposes. Please read the terms of use located within the forum.
427 posts in 73 discussion topics.
Posted 10 days ago
by sjkoz
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Fixed-wing military aircraft - airplanes, UAVs, etc.
419210 posts in 41099 discussion topics.
Posted an hour ago
by Hodakamax

Airliners and Civil Aircraft

Everything other than military aircraft
5079 posts in 635 discussion topics.
Posted 1 hours ago
by Afghanvet


Tanks, artillery, personnel carriers, and jeeps
335347 posts in 28619 discussion topics.
Posted 28 minutes ago
by disastermaster


Cars, trucks, and motorcycles
34760 posts in 5563 discussion topics.
Posted 2 hours ago
by mustang1989


Construction techniques, ideas, and diorama subjects
46502 posts in 4144 discussion topics.
Posted 3 hours ago
by Bish

Figures and Misc.

Military and other scale figures, dinosaurs, and more
25895 posts in 4170 discussion topics.
Posted 16 hours ago
by Highlander242


Rotary wing aircraft
36880 posts in 4331 discussion topics.
Posted 2 days ago
by Centaur567

Science Fiction

Science fiction subjects
35174 posts in 3489 discussion topics.
Posted 2 days ago
by Gamera


Ships, subs, and other watercraft
90338 posts in 10528 discussion topics.
Posted 5 minutes ago
by raider-hall


Rockets, shuttles, and other real-space subjects
4272 posts in 627 discussion topics.
Posted 2 days ago
by KnightTemplar5150

Group Builds

A portal to all the current group build projects--members getting together to build specific subjects, share their experiences, and help each other.
278281 posts in 1067 discussion topics.
Posted an hour ago
by plasticjunkie


Discuss scratchbuilt projects of all subjects
4169 posts in 572 discussion topics.
Posted 3 days ago
by Don Stauffer

Paper Models

297 posts in 41 discussion topics.
Posted 19 days ago
by Gamera
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Everything, but airbrushes.
13240 posts in 1587 discussion topics.
Posted 3 hours ago
by goldhammer


Building and detailing techniques
23371 posts in 4063 discussion topics.
Posted yesterday
by SpursN17

Painting and airbrushing

Techniques, airbrushing advice, compressors, and spray booths.
74957 posts in 11428 discussion topics.
Posted 21 hours ago
by patrick206


Share tips, tricks, advice, and help
7449 posts in 1837 discussion topics.
Posted 2 days ago
by Tanker - Builder

Reference Materials

Share info about useful modeling references (web, print, video, etc.) with other forum members.
3285 posts in 1078 discussion topics.
Posted yesterday
by templar1099

Photographing scale models

Share advice and tips for taking great photos of your scale models.
545 posts in 46 discussion topics.
Posted 5 days ago
by Hodakamax

Building Materials & Supplies

449 posts in 72 discussion topics.
Posted 11 days ago
by Don Stauffer
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FSM Forum Rules and Etiquette

New members please read these simple guidelines
0 posts in 8 discussion topics.
Posted 3 years ago
by Tim Kidwell
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Forum Feedback & Error Reporting

If you spot an error as you're checking out the forums or website, please let us know about it here.
2788 posts in 463 discussion topics.
Posted 16 days ago
by Cadet Chuck

Suggestions and Feedback

Tell FSM your response to the website, issues of the magazine, or developments in the hobby. Please note that while FSM staff members regularly read responses in the forum, we cannot guarantee personal replies to all queries.
7572 posts in 957 discussion topics.
Posted 11 days ago
by Arronax

Forum Technical Assistance

Need help with the FineScale Community Forums? Ask questions about the forums here.
3894 posts in 1034 discussion topics.
Posted one month ago
by Armorex

Testing Forums

This forum gives you a chance to become more familiar with the different features and keeps testing in one place instead of posting tests all over. Happy Posting!
844 posts in 619 discussion topics.
Posted 2 days ago
by Hodakamax


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