Show us your Hasegawa builds

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Show us your Hasegawa builds

  • Since I've really enjoyed following Stikpusher's Show you Monogram/Revell builds thread I thought I would start a Show you Hasegawa builds thread.  I'd love to see other 'gawa builds.  I'm kinda surprised nobody did this before but I'm happy to get it started...assuming you guys are interested in sharing (someone else can do the Tamiya, Academy, etc... build threadsCool)

    I noticed that the majority of my builds are Hasegawa and the vast majority of my stash kits are Hasegawa.  I'm willing to bet that alot of you guys have quite a few Hase builds yourselves.

    I'll approach it like Stik did...just one plane per post.  Tell us about any extras that went into your kit, as well.  I'll get it going:


    Here's a 1/48 F-14A in VF-84 Jolly Rogers colors.  I was inspired to build this after watching The Final Countdown although the colors are not quite the right vintage for the movie.  I used an Aires 'pit, Hasegawa weapons, decals and canopy/windscreen from an Italeri kit.

    Ok...let's see what you all have got!

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  • I'll put another one on here to help get things going.  Here's a 1/200 DC-10-40 in Northwest Orient colors circa 1980's.  The paint is Talon acrylic aluminum with aluminum and steel buffing powders:

  • My ( best) Hasegawa builds........


    a converted Ki-61 Hien (1:32 scale) into a Ki-61-II Kai Hien "bubbletop". Buildreport ( in Dutch)  

    The pics;




    Mitsubishi J2M3 Raiden "Jack" 1:32




    Best regards.


    All that scrathing is making me itch!

  • 1/32 Original Boxing A6M5

    I love the smell of plastic in the morning

  • bummer, sorry bout is an aged image of it too

    I love the smell of plastic in the morning

  • (Many more than these of course, but I happened to have the Japanese stuff on Photobucket right now...)

    All in 1/72, and probably built 8-9 years back


    Zero floatplane

    and a Zero

    On the bench: Italeri 1/72 Henschel 126; Heller 1/72 Curtiss Hawk H.75; Airfix 1/72 Supermarine Swift. And probably a cat when I'm not looking...

  • I saw this thread and thought what a great idea. Then i looked at my completed builds and was shocked. Despite all the gawa kits in the stash, i have the grand total of 2 built. I know i have built others in the past that i don't have any more, but i was sure i would have had more than 2 now.

    Anyway, here they are. Both 1/72nd.

    MiG 23, with a bit of Eduard PE and extra colour paints. The first in my MiG line.

     ''I am a Norfolk man, and I glory in being so''

    On the bench: Airfix 1/72nd P-61 Black Widow

  • B-24H. This is one of their J kits, the one with the Dragon and his tail markings, and it was backdated to an H. Lots of eduard PE, xtracolour paint and xtra decal decals. This is the first completed build in my Norfolk airfields project. One down, 35 to go.


     ''I am a Norfolk man, and I glory in being so''

    On the bench: Airfix 1/72nd P-61 Black Widow

  • Great idea, Fly-n-hi. Nice Tomcat, too.  Beautiful work, everyone.


    Flight deck:  Hasegawa 1:48 P-40E; Tamiya 1:48 A6M2 N Type 2 ('Rufe')

    Elevators:  Airfix 1:72 Grumman Duck; AM 1:72 F-4J

  • Well they say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery...Wink And while Hasegawa kits do not get slammed on here as "unbuildable" or "junk", I think that it is nice to see a thread for them here too. As for my own completed builds only two are Hasegawa, and one was never photographed digitally it has been done for so long. But I do have a good amount of unbuilt Hasegawa 1/48 birds in my stash... all in good time.

    So my sole digitally photographed Hasegawa build, their old (raised panel lines!Surprise) 1/48 N1K2 Shiden Kai, which I modified to early production by widening the chord of the vertical stabilizer. Decals from Yellow Hammer.

    A beautiful kit of a beautiful bird!

    I also have their Ki-27 built, but it has been ravaged a bit by time and marauding cats...Super Angry



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    U is for URANIUM... BOMBS!

    N is for NO SURVIVORS...

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  • Nice job on an old kit stik.

    I must admit i hadn't noticed your RM thread. I know, how could i. But its a great idea. I only have one that fits the bill, built about 15 years ago. It is still in one piece, just about, so i will get some piccies at the weekend. Great idea.

     ''I am a Norfolk man, and I glory in being so''

    On the bench: Airfix 1/72nd P-61 Black Widow

  • Nice builds guys!

    Fly: how did you find that tomcat? I've heard they are a beast to put together, but I really want to do one at some point.

    Prof, its a nice kit but the cockpit is is pretty plain.  The Aires 'pit does wonders for it.   I wouldn't really say that its a beast to put together but its definitely not an easy kit.  Also, you have to be careful when selecting the kits because there were earlier boxings that had a problem with the engine intake molding.  Apparently, the intakes didn't line up correctly with the fuselage until later on in the production when it was fixed.

  • Okay, I've only built one Hasegawa kit so far.  It seems I've mostly been a Monogram Man. Big Smile Here's my Kyushu J7W3 Shinden.   Obviously a conversion of the venerable J7W1 Shinden 1/48 kit.

    "All you mugs need to get busy building, and post pics!"

  • Fly-n-hi, nice Tom Cat!.  I love that movie too.  Splash the zeroes...

    Here's a few of mine:


    A6M2 Model 21

    BF 109 G-6

    BF 109 G-14

    P-51 D


     "Can you fly this plane and land it?...Surely you can't be serious....I am serious, and don't call me Shirley"


  • opps, missed the one plane disclaimer......sorry....

     "Can you fly this plane and land it?...Surely you can't be serious....I am serious, and don't call me Shirley"