B-24D Ploesti Raider Desert Sand "Pink" color mix?

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B-24D Ploesti Raider Desert Sand "Pink" color mix?

  • Has anyone here ever done a B-24D Ploesti raider based out of Libya with the Desert Sand scheme?  I know it had a slightly pinkish hue to it, which I'm sure the hot desert sand and sun helped to make even pinker. 

    I use Tamiya Acrylics and am guessing that XF59 Desert Yellow, with a bit of XF7 Flat Red and XF2 Flat White would do the trick.  Whistling [:-^]

    What do you all think? 

    Scott Espin - IPMS Reno High Rollers  Geeked My Reviews 

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  • best suggestion i can give is to try and experiment.
    Any thing can be fixed with enough gun tape and para cord
  • Years ago I built a model of the "Strawberry female dog" (a B-24) which had this pinkish paint scheme.  From documents I read back then, the paint was originally a desert sand, but the desert sun bleached the paint and turned it pink. This was not expected. The undercarriage was a pale sky grey as I remember.

    There used to be pictures of this airplane around - I had several color closeups of it back then.  I used these pics to mix trial version of paint until I approximated this color.  I started with a very light sand color and added a hull red (not direct flat red or insignia red, more of a burnt red) until I got a color very similar to the pictures.  The model came out great...

    Not sure of this helps but that's what I did.


  • Xtracolour do the modern RAF Desert Sand/Pink (X031) as worn by GR1 Tornados in ODS - might be a reasonable starting point; for what it's worth the suggested FS match is 30279

    Vallejo also do a USAAF Desert Pink (VP815) which was the one of the colours the British SAS LRDG used in North Africa to camo their Chev vehicles - might also be worth a thought

    For my money, the xtracolour one looks closer to what the Lib would've been painted initially, as the LRDG colour is a bit too pinkish

  • I wonder if I'd be better off laying down a basecoat of sand, and then lightly misting lighter and pinker shades, to break up the monotony of the solid color.  Basically adding the oxidizing and UV effects like a post-shade?

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  • When I posted my first message, above, I was half asleep!  LOL! 

    What prompted me to build the Strawberry female dog was seeing it live at the Air Force Museum in Dayton when I was a kid.  The overall color is much closer to sand than pink, but it definitely has a pink tint to it.  Of course, this plane was *restored* so it might have looked a bit different prior to arriving at Dayton. The paint was also very uniform, not so variable over the surface.  Again, might be related to the restoration but it didn't look like it to my eye.

    I was just looking at a few pictures I have from that visit to Dayton many years ago.  I would attempt a paint mix rather than a mist.  The more I think about it, the more certain I am now that I used a mixture of khaki and hull red to get my approximate color.

    If you build one of these, post some pics!  I'd like to see the finished product! :)


  • Here is a formula for WW II AAF Desert Pink.  I have never mixed it, so I don't know how accurate it is.  Also, the colors are for Pactra Paints, which has been bought by Testors.

    25 parts white

    1 part insignia yellow

    2 parts insignia red

    2 parts battleship grey

    1 part international orange

    3 parts flesh

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  • Ro - I think you're right, a mix is probably the best way to go.

    Wayne - That's in interesting list of ingredients!  Shock [:O]  I may have to mix up a small batch and do a test shot, I'll let you know how it goes and post a pic. 

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  • So, are my posts being edited by a human or a machine?  The name the B-24 in question was not the "Strawberry Female Dog".  People need to get a serious grip on this PC thing.  We're talking about building models of actual history here. It's not something you can edit because you don't like the name - or think others won't approve.  Same goes with the swastika's on the German airplanes.  Maybe some won't like it - but, like I said, this is History people, get a grip! You can't change it simply because you don't like it.



  • hmmm... I was wondering why the e-mail alert I received had the correct name of the airplane, but the post had been changed to "female dog" by the time I looked at it. 

    My goodness, that's taking political correctness a little too far. 

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  •  espins1 wrote:
    My goodness, that's taking political correctness a little too far. 

    Depends on who's reading it, and where. Is it something someone would want their kids to read? The rules for this forum are in place for a reason, one being it is extremely difficult to verify the age of every lurker and thusly restrict their access to these forums, so those in charge need to make a determination what is acceptable and what is not and stand by it...not a job I would want, being stuck between a "dammed if you do" or "dammed if you don't" faction.

    The term in question does not bother me personally, but that's just me and my My 2 cents [2c] worth.


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  • It's all about context.  The word itself is not a bad word, used in the proper context.  The use of the word in question is part of the name of the plane.  If the term were being used to describe someone, or call someone names, then of course it's in violation.  Sigh [sigh]

    If I were to build that plane, with the nose art and all, would I have to edit the photos to cover up the word before posting them?  Any kid can look at any WWII book or magazine with American planes in it and see those kinds of things i.e. noseart and racy names.  Whistling [:-^]

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  • Pretty much what I said, Scott, but it's the mods who ultimately determine what said context is and act how they see fit. The name when first painted on the aircraft (especially considering the timeline) was done mostly for shock value (IMO). The mods need to determine whether or not a repetition of said term was done for the same reason or strickly for accuracy. Again, not a determination I would want to make.

    I'm not defending the editing in as much as I'm trying to understand the reasons behind it.


     "We have our own ammunition. It's filled with paint. When we fire it, it makes pretty pictures....scares the hell outta people."

    "It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that s(econd)wing." Benny Goodman (sorta)

  • Scott, when we were talking about the Strawberry yesturday I had the same thoughts going though my mind, do I post it with the word or not... will he know what I'm talking about if I don't? So I simply posted the word and I have not heard anything from the police yet.

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  • Getting back on topic, I built a Ploesti raider about 10 years ago, and I used the extracolor shade, but I think it was probably a little too pink, I would go for the custom mix.  Remember that the red is only what was in the tan to begin with, it just faded slower than the other colors.

    Hope to see pictures of the completed model....