Steel Cats (Sept. 2012-Aug. 2013)

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Steel Cats (Sept. 2012-Aug. 2013)

  • There appears to be plenty of interest to kick off this build. It will start September 1st and run until August 31st next year. This GB will be for any of the Panthers, Tigers and their variants.

    If I miss a name or kit, please PM me. Thanks. 


    • Panther D, A, G & F
    • Bergepanther
    • Befehlswagen Panther
    • Flakpanzer V Coelian
    • Jadgpanther
    • Panther Ersatz
    • Panzerbeobachtungswagen Panther
    • Panther II
    • Tiger I Initial, Early, Mid, Late
    • Bergetiger
    • Befehlswagen Tiger I Ausf. E
    • Sturmtiger
    • King Tiger Porsche or Henschel turrets
    • Befehlswagen Tiger II Ausf. B
    • Jagdtiger Porsche, Henschel suspension
    • Porsche Tiger I


    The guidelines for the GB are as follows:

    • You can enter anytime from when it starts to when it's finished
    • Any scale
    • Any AM item
    • All kits must be NIB or very lightly started (10%)
    • No starting of the construction, but sprues may be washed before the start date
    • No crossovers of other GB's
    • A badge will be created, but can only be obtained for a completed build within the time frame
    • Please share info about the kit and have fun, fun, fun! 

    These are the badge choices. Badge is only obtainable for a completed and posted build. Would be wise to download to your own server site and adjust accordingly.

    Jack's Badge
    Shell's badge



    List of Participants and Kits: (all kits are 1/35 unless noted)

    1. Tigerman- Tamiya Jagdpanther Late with magic tracks & Dragon Tiger I Late #6406
    2. Gamera- Dragon King Tiger Porsche Premium #6312 w/Cavalier zimmerit
    3. Tojo72- Tamiya Tiger I Early #25142 w/Aber and AFV tracks
    4. DBoger- Dragon Jagdtiger Henschel Premium #6285
    5. Stikpusher- Italeri Tiger I
    6. P38jl- Dragon Panther F #9008
    7. DupesBergetiger/Demo Tiger CMK/Academy
    8. Bufflehead- Dragon Panther F Imperial Series #9008 with resin turret
    9. Deafpanzer- Dragon Tiger I Initial #6600
    10. Reserve- Cyberhobby Tiger I Feb. 1944 #6650
    11. Hinsky- Dragon Tiger I Ausf E/w zimmerit (6383)
    12. Bish- Cyberhobby Befelswagen Panther w/Pz. IV turret
    13. SMJmodeler- AFV Club Tiger I Late #35079 & Tamiya Tiger I Mid
    14. Satch_IP- ??
    15. RBaer- Tamiya King Tiger Ardennnes w/Friuls
    16. Shellback-Tamiya King Tiger  & Dragon Jagdtiger Porsche
    17. JohanT- Dragon Panther A Premium & Dragon Panther D w/zimmerit kitbash
    18. Armor86-Tamiya DAK Tiger I Initial #35277 plus tons AM
    19. Malone Duke- Dragon Mid Tiger I  1/72 & AFV Club Tiger I Late w/zimmerit
    20. Bobbailey- Dragon Panther G Smart kit
    21. Thunderbolt379- Tamiya King Tiger Porsche w/Cavalier zimmerit & Tamiya Jagdpanther Late?
    22. Some Assembly Required- Dragon Panther ??
    23. Joe Rix-Tamiya Tiger I Mid
    24. Taxtp- Tamiya Tiger I 1/48
    25. Darson- Tamiya King Tiger
    26. Professordeath- Dragon Tiger I Late w/zimmerit
    27. Wingnut- Tamiya Panther G Late  1/48, Dragon King Tiger 1/72, Dragon Panther A Premium, & Dragon Battle of Bulge King Tiger
    28. Wingman_kz- Tamiya Tiger I Mid?
    29. Kentucky ColonelDragon Tiger I #6406 w/Eduard zimm and Friuls
    30. StreetFightingMan- Dragon Panther G Italian Front
    31. IBuild148- Dragon King Tiger Henschel
    32. Moose421- Dragon Panther Ersatz
    33. JMart- Cyberhobby Panther II Orange Box
    34. Hasenpfeffer- Cyberhobby Panther A Late Dark Knight Series
    35. Jgeratic1- Tamiya 1/48 Tiger I Initial Afrika Korps
    36. Pyerman64- Tamiya Steel-wheeled Panther G Late
    37. Alex Shaw- Tamiya Afrika Korps Tiger I
    38. Ghostt180- Jagdpanther Late
    39. Ripcord- Revell Jagdpanther 1/76
    40. Ebergerud- Cyber Hobby Tiger I Early
    41. Shawker- Minicraft King Tiger Porsche
    42. Wolfwriath- Trumpeter King Tiger 1/16
    43. CaptBigMoney- Dragon Battle of the Bulge King Tiger
    44. Schatten Sparten- Dragon King Tiger

    (Wall of Fame) Finished Builds:

    Wingnut's Tamiya 1/48 Panther

    SMJmodeler's Tamiya MId Tiger

     Wingnut's King Tiger in braille:

    Malone Duke's AFV Club 1/48 Tiger I

    Hinsky's Dragon Tiger I w/zimmerit

    Shellback's Tamiya King Tiger

    Hasenpfeffer's Cyber Hobby Panther A

    Bish's- Cyberhobby Befelswagen Panther w/Pz. IV turret 

    Wingnut's's Dragon Panther A

    Tojo72's Tamiya Tiger I Early

    RBaer's Tamiya King Tiger Ardennes

    Deafpanzers Dragon Tiger I Initial

    Wingnut's Dragon BoB King Tiger

    Gamera's Dragon King Tiger Porsche

    Dupes 2cm Flakvierling 151/20 auf Pz.Kpfw.Panther ausf.G kitbash

    Malone Duke's Braille Panther

    Shellback's Dragon Porsche Jagdtiger

    Tigerman's Tamiya Jagdpanther Late

    Jgeratic1's Tamiya 1/48 Tiger I

    Stikpusher's Italeri Tiger I

    Shawker's Nichimo King Tiger Porsche

    Armor86's Tamiya DAK Tiger I Initial

    Ebergerud's Cyberhobby Tiger I

    Hasenpfeffer's Italeri Panther A

    Thunderbolt379's Tamiya King Tiger

    IBuild48's Dragon King Tiger

    Malone Dukes Dragon Mid Tiger 1/72

    Schatten Sparten's Dragon King Tiger


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  • Eric:

    Please put me down with Dragon's 1/35th Royal Tiger with Porsche Turret (Kit 6312). I'm using Cavalier zimmerit but otherwise out-of-box. 

    Just because no one understands you- it doesn't make you an artist!

  • Excellent Cliff. Should be a beauty.


  • I will do Tamiya # 25142 Early Tiger I with Aber upgrade,and Club AFV workable links.



    Gamera,nice kitty,will you whitewash it also ?

  • Put me down for a Dragon Jagdtiger Henschel suspension. I will be using an aftermarket set of fenders so I can build the X7. If time permits I my do my Dragon Initial Production Tiger I.

  • Since this will have a start date of September, I am interested. By then I can be done with some of mycurrent builds and have room for something new. Either a Dutch Leopard II or a Grossdeutschland Panther A...Hmm

    F is for FIRE, That burns down the whole town!

    U is for URANIUM... BOMBS!

    N is for NO SURVIVORS...

           - Plankton



  • P-38 was wondering if a Hellcat could qualify? I'm not sure how to answer that. Does anyone know if it was allowed in the first Big Cats GB?


  • Eric , revenge for what ? Confused

  • Shellback

    Eric , revenge for what ? Confused

    There was apparently a Big Cats Gb some time ago. so in our playful banter, what to call this one? Maybe just Big Cats 2? or Big Cats Part Deux?


  • put me in for a Panther F by DML,, 1/35


    and I'd like to ask about the Hellcat, although not a "big" cat, it did hunt the other cats mentioned above....


    Big Cats Part Duex sounds good,, or,, The Scratching PostWhistling( lil play on the theme.. )



  • Is that kit #6403? The smart kit?


  • The sequel! Man, it's been a while since the last one...I'm definitely in, T-man. Kit TBD once September rolls around. Got all kinds of stuff that will fit the bill, so i'll see what's lacking (or what "calls out to me") once football season starts.

    Can't wait! Big Smile

    Oooooh...Sturmtiger. Hmmmmm. Wink

  • From the "Big Cats Group Build 2008" thread:

    Qualified Entries: Any scale: Panther: D, A, G, F, Jagdpanther, Panther II OR Tiger: I, II, Jagdtiger

    Requirements: Kits must be un-started, unless pre-approval has been given

    Dates: March 15, 2008-December 31, 2008  You may join at any time, but you may not claim the badge unless completed by end date.

    Badge is claimable upon completion of model:

  • tigerman

    Is that kit #6403? The smart kit?

    no... #9008..



  • Eric, how about some LITTLE Big Cats?  Big Smile  I've got some 1/72 Dragon kits that I've been itchin to build:

    If those won't do, then I can enter this 1/35 Dragon King Tiger that's been sitting in the stash ever since it was first released back in 2007: